The Apcera trusted cloud platform is a highly secure, policy-driven multi-cloud platform for cloud-native applications, containers, microservices and legacy applications. Apcera enables developers and DevOps teams to use any modern tool or software they want while giving IT and Operations teams the assurance that their infrastructure is safe and secure.

Aporeto provides a comprehensive cloud-native security solution for deploying and operating modern applications.

Bitnami simplifies the way popular server applications and development stacks are created and deployed in containers and the cloud. With over a million deployments each month, Bitnami.com has become the world’s most popular destination for deploying today’s most popular applications.

A batteries included end to end solution for your microservices infrastructure. Mantl’s ethos is to focus a community around an end to end solution, not around an individual component; designed to solve business and team challenges, one glue, improved by the community, tested everywhere.

CloudMunch is the DevOps Intelligence platform that brings your data, tools and processes in one place across your delivery pipeline to provide actionable insights. CloudMunch has helped customers like Adobe gain 60% improvement in their daily/weekly output in their modern enterprise journey.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is driving adoption of a new computing paradigm that is optimized for modern distributed systems environments, including container packaged, dynamically scheduled, and microservices-based application development and operations.

Cloudsoft AMP streamlines development, operations and governance for all applications across any infrastructure. AMP unlocks developer productivity with best practices embedded in reusable blueprints resulting in greater velocity and more reliable environments. Policy-based management in AMP ensures consistent, up-to-the-minute control across traditional environments, hybrid cloud and new platforms.

DigitalOcean is the world’s fastest growing cloud hosting provider built for developers. Our mission is simple: we’re passionate about making complex infrastructure simple and delighting our customers with a seamless experience that brings them joy.

Docker is an open platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship and run distributed applications. Docker is used by millions of developers across thousands of the world’s most innovative organizations, including eBay, Baidu, the BBC, Goldman Sachs, ING, Yelp and Spotify.

GoCD is an on-premise, open source, continuous delivery tool by ThoughtWorks. With it’s comprehensive pipeline modeling & value stream map, GoCD helps you get complete visibility into and control of your deployments. Commercial Support and enterprise add-ons, including disaster recovery, are available.

GoDaddy’s mission is to radically shift the global economy toward small businesses by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. GoDaddy has more than 14 million customers worldwide and more than 61 million domain names under management.

HP Helion, a portfolio of cloud products and solutions, makes it easier to build, manage and consume a hybrid IT environment. Based on OpenStack® and Cloud Foundry® technologies, HP Helion combines the benefits and agility of cloud computing with the rapid innovation and interoperability of open source. Visit us at HP Helion and Twitter.

IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York. With operations in more than 170 countries, IBM is focused on five growth initiatives: Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Mobile, Social Business and Security.

Iron.io is an enterprise job processing system for building powerful job-based asynchronous software. Simply put: developers write jobs in any language using familiar tools like Docker, then trigger the code to run using Iron.io’s REST API, webhooks, or the built-in scheduler.

Macaw offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive Microservices platforms with many built-in development, runtime and governance capabilities. Macaw provides a prescriptive application modernization path for enterprises to build modern application architectures leveraging Microservices, Containers, DevOps and Micro Analytics.

Mesosphere DC/OS is a new kind of operating system that organizes all of your machines, VMs, and cloud instances into a single pool of intelligently and dynamically shared resources. The core of Mesosphere’s technology runs some of the largest sites including Twitter, Groupon, Yelp, and Hubspot.

Navops is a suite of products that enables enterprises to take full advantage of Kubernetes and provides the ability to quickly and easily deploy a container-ready infrastructure and run containers at scale. For more information, please visit www.navops.io or follow Twitter @Navops

NodeSource is a technology company that delivers enterprise-grade tools and software targeting the unique needs of running server-side JavaScript at scale. NodeSource is dedicated to creating a sustainable ecosystem for Node, by providing software products that empower businesses, government and the enterprise to use Node in the most effective way.

OpenShift is Red Hat’s container application platform that allows developers to quickly develop, host and scale applications in a cloud environment. With OpenShift, you have a choice of offerings, including online, on-premise and hosted service offerings.

Twistlock protects containerized applications from development to production. Our innovative technology discovers vulnerabilities, monitors container activities, detects and isolates runtime threats targeting containers. For more information, please visit www.twistlock.com.

Wercker is a container-centric automation platform used to develop, build, test and deploy cloud-native applications, and is used by organizations deploying software applications to the Cloud, fully supports Microservices, is Docker-native and optimized for schedulers like Kubernetes.