11 AM Hangout Today: Docker and Fastly Each Get $40M but are Dev Tools Worth the VC Investment?

16 Sep 2014 10:59am, by

Fastly, the content delivery network, received $40 million today. Docker also received $40 million. These are significant investments for essentially what are dev tool and dev infrastructure plays. Are these investments in dev tools going to be the next big thing or is this a small market with limited upside?

In today’s show we will be joined by Co-Host Donnie Berkhkolz of Red Monk; Heavybit Managing Director Tom Drummond; Gil Penchina, a Fastly investor and Matthew Wong, a researcher at CB Insights.

The show starts at 11 a..m. A big thanks to New Relic, this week’s sponsor. New Relic is hosting FutureStack at Fort Mason on Oct. 8-9. Readers of The New Stack are eligible for a 50 percent discount. Register here.

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