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A Developer’s First App and How it Relates to Docker

Nov 3rd, 2014 10:31am by
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Tonight we are in Paris for our third WarmUp event. You can still register or just come by. All are welcome. We start at 7 pm. Here are the details. Thanks to Intel Data Center Group, Rackspace and Stratoscale for sponsoring and making the event possible. The topic tonight: the context for Docker, container ecosystems and orchestration in the OpenStack community.

At our first event, we did something that I enjoyed. I interviewed developers and engineers about how they got into tech. I then asked about how those first experiences reflect on the way apps are developed today and how Docker helps them reflect about the changes over the past many years.

They were fun interviews to do. Thanks to David Wight of SolidFire, Micha Hernandez Van Leuffen, Founder and CEO, Wercker and Mehdi Medjaoui, Founder of for participating.

The interviews remind me why I like to do these events. They are conversation hubs. And that’s really what we want to offer our community.

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