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A DevOps Conference in Animal Crossing

Deserted Island DevOps, ‘a conference built on a dare,’ features a bevvy of speakers on containers, serverless, and culture.
Apr 28th, 2020 3:00am by
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Nočnica Fee
Nočnica is a Developer Advocate at New Relic.

The chairs are lined up on the tastefully multicolored carpet, the MacBook is on the lectern, with a flat-screen TV ready to show the slides. Whoever set up this conference must have spent a lot of bells on decor.

This week, over 500 people will hear talks on cloud security, team culture, and healthy collaboration — all within the confines of a charming village populated with adorable anthropomorphic animals.

Deserted Island DevOps, “a conference built on a dare,” to be held April 30, 10 a.m. ET is the brainchild of Austin Parker, a principal developer advocate with Lightstep. Container superstar Ian Coldwater is keynoting, with a bevy of speakers on containers, serverless, and culture (this writer will be talking about serverless code collaboration).

The idea comes at the perfect time. With quarantine keeping all of us at home, it’s incumbent on event organizers to try and break up the monotony of endless video conferencing. And with belt-tightening all over the industry, what better way to distribute company hoodies than via a free digital download?

Tickets to the conference are free, and while the speakers will all appear “in person” within Austin’s Animal Crossing village, attendees can watch on Twitch, no game or console required.

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