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A Look At How Docker Manages Its Open Source Project

May 15th, 2014 10:11am by
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Leanstack has published its third interview with Docker Senior Engineer Jérôme Petazzoni about how the open source project is managed.

Here are some of the highlights of the post—it’s well worth the read.

  • Petazzoni says they will have to build new tools to manage the volume of pull requests they get on Docker. Maintainers will spend half of their time on pull requests but still old ones keep rising back to the surface that need attention. New tools to manage pull requests are in development.
  • There is some discussion about the perfect Docker hacking environment. As stated in the interview, some of the team are considering moving away from a normal distro and going to something that boots Docker.

Then everything would be in a container. Your graphic environment would be in a container. Your editor would be in a container. Everything would be in a container.

  • Docker was written in Go. DotCloud, the platform as a service (PaaS) was originally written in Python. The Docker folks love Go.
  • The entire development process is done through pull requests. It has been that way from the start.
  • Docker is actively looking for maintainers.
  • In version 0.6,  “Docker in Docker” has been added to build, then test Docker, in a predictable manner. For example, it solves the issue of incompatibility with a different Go version or a different library version.
  • An IRC bot is used for pull request notifications.
  • Docker has a new hosting platform, built on Docker, consisting of containers on physical machines.
  • For monitoring, Docker uses Pingdom and PagerDuty.
  • Docker moved to  boot2docker because there are just less moving parts than with Vagrant.

Lots more in the Leanstack post to go through. If nothing else, the interview shows how Docker has had to adapt, build new tools and extend deeper into its own community to keep the project flowing.




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