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A Paradigm Shift in App Delivery

Citrix's Pankaj Gupta covers why a radical change for application delivery is in order.
Dec 9th, 2021 1:15pm by and
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For organizations delivering distributed digital experiences, improving the cadences for application delivery and updates and maintaining their availability over internet infrastructure remain quintessential challenges.

In this The New Stack Maker podcast, Pankaj Gupta, senior director, product marketing, Citrix, discusses why a radical change for application delivery is in order.

Alex Williams, founder and publisher of The New Stack, hosted this podcast.

A Paradigm Shift in App Delivery

As the shift to cloud accelerates, organizations are also looking for ways to reduce risk as they deliver apps over the cloud. “I think recently the pandemic has made every digital business an experience-delivery company,” Gupta said. “If you talked about transition to cloud and SaaS a few years back, everybody was going towards it. But the question now is how fast I can go, and how confidently while reducing the risk I can achieve with a hyper transition to the cloud and it’s [creation of] a lot of new opportunities and challenges.”

Another main reason organizations are making the shift to cloud-based deployments is to benefit from “auto-scaling,” Gupta said. “But the challenge with auto-scaling is that you have to do a lot of guesswork about CPU and memory… and if your intent or requirements change, you must go back to square one and repeat that cycle multiple times,”  Gupta said.

This is among the reasons why organizations are increasingly rethinking their application-delivery approaches. “This is the time to look at your application-delivery infrastructure and to take a new radical approach to build a new application delivery and security infrastructure,” Gupta said.

To this end, Citrix is introducing a new application delivery and security service which Gupta says represents a “radical shift in how applications are delivered for your users.”

“Everybody is looking for a very simple way to deploy and consume the application delivery infrastructure,” Gupta said. To that end, Citrix has introduced App Delivery and Security Service (CADSS). Built “on the principle” of  “an intent-driven application delivery and security service, CADSS represents “a paradigm shift, not just for today, but it is also a platform for the next decade.”

The end result is that slow manual error-prone configuration can be eliminated, Gupta explained. “So, we take out the complexity out of almost every step of application delivery. And we believe that with this kind of awesome automation, we can improve operational efficiency up to 60%.”

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