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The New Stack is a media platform for the people who build and manage software the world relies on. We provide context and explanation of at-scale technologies to advance knowledge and create conversations through our coverage of modern architectures, components of the software development lifecycle, and operations tools and culture.

Technologists around the world rely on The New Stack to investigate new technologies, make decisions about technical roadmaps, and even to determine investments and acquisitions. The New Stack is the glue that connects people at all levels and from all parts of the stack, whether you’re a developer, operator, sysadmin, architect, engineer, evangelist or business leader.

We are veteran journalists who have covered enterprise technology from the dot-com era to today. Founder Alex Williams launched The New Stack in 2014 to go beyond the “daily headline” and provide context to technologists — utilizing principles of explanatory journalism that blends research, reporting, and domain expertise. We are rigorous in our adherence to journalistic ethics and standards to maintain high integrity and independence.

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The New Stack welcomes contributions from technologists to share their expertise on topics that matter most. Research has proven that a diverse and inclusive culture is better for business and society, and allows the entire ecosystem to flourish. We actively identify and include diverse voices throughout the platform. Become a contributor.

We publish across a number of platforms, channels and mediums to provide technologists the information they need to make mission-critical decisions. Our ad-free experience is made possible with support of our platform sponsors.


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