Add It Up: Container Deployment Still Outpaces ‘Serverless’

2 Aug 2018 10:22am, by

Four times in the last year we’ve analyzed the numbers around serverless adoption. This week, while we are conducting our own TNS Serverless Survey, we look at a recent report from Cloud Foundry. Based on a panel of IT decision makers (not a self-selecting web survey), the report found that containers are being used or actively evaluated by 32 percent of respondents, compared to 19 percent for serverless computing and 14 percent for FaaS (function as a service). This is the first time since August 2017 that we’ve seen high-level survey data that has container adoption way ahead of serverless.

It important to note that the 19 percent figure actually describes those using or “evaluating” serverless computing. In other words, many “users” are really conducting trials. Although the survey didn’t go into the details for serverless, it did break-out the container users into initial, limited and broad deployments, with only a fifth actually falling into the “broad” category.

Readers may believe that many of the categories in the chart below overlap each other. They are correct. In fact, one of the main conclusions coming from the report is that many respondents had on their roadmaps using or planning to use PaaS, containers and serverless. Whether or not all three will be used simultaneously is up for discussion.

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Feature image via Pixabay.