All Things Open and Our TNS Guide to Serverless Technologies

26 Oct 2018 2:00pm, by

This week on The New Stack Context, our weekly news wrap-up podcast, we take a look at some of the results of a survey we did for our newly-released eBook on serverless technologies. We also discuss All Things Open, a conference held earlier this week in Raleigh North Carolina, that covered a range of open source technologies.

To discuss our survey, we invited TNS analyst Lawrence Hecht as a guest. The TNS eBook presents the results of our original research on serverless adoption trends and use cases. It also provides a high-level overview of what organizations should consider as they build, deploy and manage serverless functions and applications.

Our regular host, TNS editorial director Libby Clark was off this week, so TNS founder Alex Williams hosted the show, with the assistance of TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.


Feature image: Todd Lewis, Chair of All Things Open.

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