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An API Connected Bike, Mobile Maturity, Data Nerds and more from the Sponsored Feed

Aug 11th, 2014 6:00am by
Featued image for: An API Connected Bike, Mobile Maturity, Data Nerds and more from the Sponsored Feed

The APIs is the connector for the Internet of Things. But maturity is still the big factor for most companies before moving into this new realm of connected devices. Data nerds are everywhere, though, and their familiarity with new forms of information architectures will make continuous development processes more of a reality than ever before. These are the kinds of topics you can expect to see when reading The New Stack sponsored feed, which appears at the bottom of every post. The items in the sponsored feed link back to the sponsor’s blog. The more the sponsor posts, the more their posts appear at the top of the feed.

Kinvey: The Enterprise Mobility Maturity Model: Where Are You on the Curve?

Here’s a post that you don’t often see. Instead of a post about the approaches to developing an app, Kinvey’s angle focuses on where your company is on the maturity curve. With that in mind, Kinvey has defined four steps in the maturity process.

Download the full white paper to learn more about Kinvey’s take on the Enterprise Mobility Maturity Model, which includes examples of the types of apps built at each stage of the cycle.

Tidemark: Doing More With Less – Financial Planning for Higher Education

Colleges are not easy to manage, something that is lost on most 18-year-old kids, writes Tidemark’s Ryan Chan, who spent a few days recently at Campus Technology 2014. College systems are more complex than ever, and resources are tight, forcing higher ed professionals to do more with less.

Colleges like Brown University are rethinking old processes and creating new cloud-centered continuous planning systems. For example, Tidemark has developed a packaged application designed for strategic planning, revenue planning, personnel budgeting and control, departmental budgeting, capital planning and grant planning. The Tidemark product allows department heads to understand and plan by funding course, grant, position, use, and other categories.

Apigee: Peace, Love, APIs, and … Bicycles



Here’s what excites me about the next generation of APIs. It’s not just apps getting connected but bikes and things, too. The Stromer eBike is one of several IoT technologies to be showcased at an immersive exhibit at I ♥ APIs Sept. 8-10 in San Francisco. Other things on display include the following:

Ford will showcase its OpenXC platform, which enables DIY applications and pluggable modules for connected cars. Zuli will display its smart plugs, which automatically adjust lights and appliances in response to individual preferences and presence based on smartphone proximity. Tessel will show how its programmable microcontroller simplifies development for the IoT.

New Relic: What Kind of Data Nerd Are You? [Infographic]

How data is transforming us, no matter what we do or who we are. Check out the infographic:



Digital Ocean, Adallom, and Cloudosft also have posts up that are worth noting again. Digital Ocean takes a look at using OAuth 2. Adallom covers end-to-end security, and Cloudsoft has some videos from the recent Docker meetup in Edinburgh.

Feature image via Flickr Creative Commons.

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