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Apcera Shows How a Single Control Plane Makes Old Apps Span New Clouds

Jun 5th, 2017 3:00pm by
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We’ve talked before in The New Stack about Apcera’s approach to a hybrid cloud platform for containerized applications. In recent months, the company has been placing greater emphasis on containerizing legacy applications and extending the deployment of those applications across multiple cloud platforms, including public clouds and on-premises.

“There are a lot of enterprises out there… and they want to do app modernization, but they’re kinda stuck with their legacy applications,” explained Apcera director of product management Henry Stapp, speaking with Alex Williams at DockerCon 2017 in Austin, Texas. “They want to be able to migrate those to cloud, and then also have a way to support those modern, containerized applications.

“With Apcera, you can basically shrink-wrap your legacy applications,” Stapp continued, “modernize the environment around them, so that legacy application doesn’t even realize it’s been containerized.”

It’s no longer something that defies belief. Many applications from the client/server era, or the first generation of SOA, run perfectly well within a virtual machine without “knowing” that’s where it is. IP networking has typically resolved the problem of making the proper connections between these applications and the outside world. But that style of networking was easier. It could pretend that a VM and a physical server were the same class of machine. A container does not have that luxury; it merely represents the running app, and only for a limited period of time.

So although Apcera didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, it did have to repurpose the wheels and gears of application networking to make programs for the old environment sustainable within a hosting platform that’s two or three generations newer. The result is what Stapp explained to us as a single platform across multiple clouds.

Check out Apcera’s demo from the DockerCon show floor in Apcera: Old Apps Spanning New Clouds, the latest edition of The New Stack Makers podcast.

Apcera: Old Apps Spanning New Clouds


1:04: Looking at a quick demo of the Apcera platform.
1:40: The connection to containers and how they apply to customers today.
3:42: Exploring building requirements when modernizing applications with containers.
4:56: Looking ahead in the modernization of legacy platforms.
5:35: Running Apcera at the enterprise level.
6:30: The management requirements of Apcera users.


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