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HPE Haven OnDemand Offers APIs for Machine Learning

Jul 6th, 2016 6:45pm by
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With the rise of machine learning, many organizations expected things to change in regards to how IT teams interact with their data. As more toolkits were created to leverage the power of the information inside of one’s data troves, HPE wondered how this process could be made even more efficient by combining machine learning with APIs. As a result, Haven onDemand was born.

In this episode of The New Stack Makers embedded below, we take a deep dive into the driving force behind Haven onDemand. The New Stack Founder Alex Williams sat down with HPE Chief Technology Officer of Big Data Fernando Lucini to learn more about Haven onDemand’s process for creating APIs, and what HPE strives to bring to the table for developers looking to unite the best of machine learning with creating enterprise-ready APIs for their project workflow. The interview was held last month at HPE Discover 2016.

Application Building From Top to Bottom with HP Haven On Demand

With Haven onDemand, “We created a bunch of APIs, with the focus on someone that has rich data, or data that has value that is unstructured. It created a way for people to create applications as quickly as possible through applying machine learning,” Lucini said.

Eighteen months after opening up its API creation platform to the community at large, Haven onDemand has over 60 APIs available to developers. Lucini noted that by opening these APIs up to the public, HPE has not only gained valuable customer feedback but can solve problems facing developers in the community in real-time.

Rather than having a complicated setup process, HPE strove to make getting started with Haven onDemand simple, Lucini said. “How do we get people to drag and drop these APIs like Legos so they can put together things further away from coding? We want to let them code the application and work on business outcomes. That way, they’re not focusing on finding a connector to the piece that does indexing, or the tool that does querying. It’s drag and drop,” said Lucini.

“APIs are not new. Where the differentiation comes is the focus on the application builder. We focus on the life of the application from top to tail,” Lucini said.

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