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Adron Hall

I’m a jovial, proactive, test & code, code & test, get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder, and distributed systems advocate. I go by the title of “Coder, Messenger, Recon” as it seems to encompass what I do. Coder: I write code, sometimes lots of code, sometimes a little code. No language is a limit, only another tool to implement solutions. I ply polyglot language paths, including C#, Java, JavaScript, Erlang lately and Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic, C++, C, COBOL, RPG, CL and others in the past! Founder: I’ve founded with Aaron Gray, Node PDX with Troy Howard and more are in the works. Messenger: Every chance I get I work to share knowledge I’ve gained over the years. From workshops to one-on-one mentoring, pair programming or directed training. Recon: I love seeing technologies built and technologies come together. But besides all that techno stuff, I dig some good coffee, great beer, wine, food and a good music show. I cycle, almost everywhere these days, don’t own a car (but I’m a car snob of the serious racing sort auto-x, tuners, drift, rally, etc), I verge on the “transit nerd” and “rail nut” category along with “plane spotter” and “exotic car driver.” I also play guitar — primarily shredding (metal), love to prog with some Jazz, croon along with some blues. And I’m sure that misses a few things, but I think it gives a good overview of me.