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STORIES BY Alex Williams — PAGE 11
Apcera Shows How a Single Control Plane Makes Old Apps Span New Clouds
Chef’s Dominik Richter on Making Infrastructure-as-Code Compliant
SXSW 2017: How Capital One Became Technology First with Open Source
The Evolution of SAP HANA Express
At Chef, the Band Will Always Play
TNS Eats Austin: Chowing Down in a Conference Town
OSCON Returns to Portland; a Show Wrapup with Co-Chair Kelsey Hightower
What Comes of Docker with a New CEO?
How Capital One Brings Open Source to the Banking Industry
Event Intelligence Lets Your DevOps Sleep at Night
How VMware Views the Intersection of Virtualization and Containers
SUSE Brings Kubernetes to OpenStack Cloud 7
A New Developer Conference Explores the Intersection of Infrastructure and Application Technologies
Capital One Opened Its APIs to Third-Party Developers — Here’s What They Learned
The New Stack is Three Years Old
Red Hat and Dell EMC: Two Perspectives from DockerCon
Developers First: The Cloud Foundry Service Broker API and Kubernetes
Docker’s Quest for Simplicity with the Evolution of containerd
Mapping the Future of CoreOS’s rkt in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Platforms, Containers and the Semantics of PaaS
What’s Next for the Kubernetes AWS SIG
Kubernetes and Continuous Deployment
A Preview of OSCON 2017
How the CNCF Grapples with Continuous Integration and Deployment
CNCF Executive Director Dan Kohn: What’s Next for CNCF in 2017
KubeCon Europe Pancake Breakfast 2017: Kubernetes and the Multi-Cloud
Data-Driven Applications with Capital One Dev Exchange’s Hydrograph
How Capital One Is Using APIs to Streamline Auto Financing