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STORIES BY Alex Williams — PAGE 16
Myth, Lore and Religion in the Brave New Cloud
Kinvey’s Mobile App Focus and Fit in the New Stack Helps the BaaS Platform Raise $10.8M
Update: Ericsson Acquires Majority Stake in Apcera, Startup Founded by Cloud Foundry’s Original Lead Developer
11 AM Hangout Today: Docker and Fastly Each Get $40M but are Dev Tools Worth the VC Investment?
Defining Orchestration and Drinking The Docker Kool-Aid at IDF
Docker on Diego, Cloud Foundry’s New Elastic Runtime
Building Adaptive Apps Like Google Now with APIs and Analytics with Apigee Insights
DigitalOcean Now Supports CoreOS, the Lightweight Linux Distro for Hosting Docker Containers
HAProxy Is Still An Arrow in the Quiver for Those Scaling Apps
The People Shortage in InfoSec, APIs in IT and more from the Sponsored Feed
SaltStack’s “Big” Role in Google Kubernetes and Why Immutable Infrastructure Makes The Cloud a Giant Computer
IPv6, the Future Stack and Did Our Nukes Get pwned? Plus more from the Sponsored Feed
The New Stack Makers: Dreamhost Co-Founder Sage Weil on Ceph, The New Storage and Getting Back to Open Source
VMware Teams with Docker and Google, Further Boosting the Container Ecosystem
The New Stack Makers: Sravish Sridhar On BaaS, PaaS, Beacons and Docker
The New Stack and Linux Foundation Survey: OpenStack and Docker are The Most Popular Open Source Projects
What is SAP in the Context of an API?
Evaluating Node.js Frameworks, Hacking a WordPress Site and more from the Sponsored Feed
Docker’s Inherent Lack of Security, the Black Hat View
For the Love of OpenStack: Marten Mickos on The New Stack Analysts, Today at Noon PST
An API Connected Bike, Mobile Maturity, Data Nerds and more from the Sponsored Feed
GopherCon India: We’re In
Docker In Edinburgh, App Management in AWS OpsWorks and More From the Sponsored Feed
Docker’s Future is in the Orchestration
The New Stack Makers: Adrian Cockcroft on Sun, Netflix, Clojure, Go, Docker and More
Why It’s a Big Deal That WordPress is Getting New APIs
OAuth 2, Objectstore Backing in Apache Brooklyn, a Beacon App Infographic and more from the Sponsored Feed
The New Stack Makers: DAT’s Max Ogden, Building a GitHub for Data