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STORIES BY Alex Williams — PAGE 17
The New Stack and Linux Foundation Survey: What Is the Best Open Source Project?
Taking A Run-Time Approach to Big Data, Tools for Database Transactions, and More From the Sponsored Feed
Awesome Python Frameworks, Libraries and Software…Plus Tacos
OSCON: Arguably the Best Conference of the Year
AWS Continues March Up the Stack
DigitalOcean Opens New Data Center in London, Its Fifth With More to Come
Mobile as a Cloud Catalyst, Must Read API Info for the CIO, SaaS Security and more from the Sponsored Feed
Using Python to Track and Make a Video Highlight of a Soccer Match…or a World Cup Highlight Reel?
Getting Developers Started with Go, Mobile Identity, API Strategies and more from The New Stack Sponsored Feed
Fourth of July Fun: A Drone Flies Through Fireworks
Another Respected Developer Says Farewell to Node.js and Hello to Go
Docker 1.1 Released and With It A New “Ignore” Functionality
Dropbox Open Sources Go Libraries Following Migration From Python Code Base
What Comes with API Ubiquity?
The New Stack Analysts: What the Cloud? A Machine OS?
An Open Source Story: Clocker Helps Docker Do What It Can’t Do Alone
Sponsor Feed: Lessons from Velocity, APIs for Dummies, Google Ups Its Enterprise Game
Docker Contributor Analysis
As The Nerds Turn by Marc Andreessen
Examples of Building a Node.js App With Docker
Why Swagger Makes APIs Easier To Describe and Consume
Rackspace OnMetal, A Bare Metal Cloud Service Suited for CoreOS and Docker
The New Stack Makers: An Interview with Adrian Cockcroft of Battery Ventures
The Swift Programming Language in Chinese is the Top Trending Repo on GitHub
Lessons Learned From Hacking The Tesla API
Automatic’s Technology Stack for The Connected Car
Apple CloudKit and Swift
11 AM Hangout Today: What is Apple’s Swift All About?