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STORIES BY Alex Williams — PAGE 3
Security Horror Stories: Why Hackers Are Influencers
War Stories: ‘Lift-and-Shift’ Does Not Work for Cloud Native Security
Cloud Native Security Is No Joke with Seth Meyers
Security Teams Need a Higher Appetite for Risk
A Favored Target for Attackers, APIs Need More than the Security Basics
A Day with Intel on Hacking and Scaling Machine Learning with Open Source
How to Fight Kubernetes Complexity Fatigue
A New Approach to the Firewall for Protecting Cloud Native Services
How to Adapt Data-Centric Applications to a Kubernetes Architecture
A New Relic Tale about Migrating to Amazon Web Services
What Is Data Management in the Kubernetes Age?
Infrastructure as Code Is a Movement Ready to Boom
Making a Difference at Uber and Airbnb, the Story of a Reliability Engineer
The AWS Viewpoint on Open Source and Kubernetes
New Relic’s OpenTelemetry and Open Source Commitment
Identity and Access Management Is a Pain Point in Kubernetes
On the CNCF Tech Radar: Database Storage
Why Kubernetes Cluster Management Needs to Be Easier for Developers
Glassdoor: Don’t Sacrifice Performance for New Features
Teleport, a Unified Access Plane That Serves Cloud Resources to the Developer
SaltStack’s Open Source Future Under VMware
In-Memory Computing’s Big Moment
Pancakes are Hot and so Is Immutable Security
From Rack and Stack to SaaS
Lightning Demos: Open Service Mesh, Crossplane, Cloudstate, Open Policy Agent and Grafana
How CERN Accelerates with Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus and CoreDNS
Platform Resilience, a New Driver for a Roadside Assistance Company
The Status of Cloud Native Computing and Kubernetes Today