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STORIES BY Alex Williams — PAGE 8
The Docker Hub Hack: The Quick Fix and the Long-Term Questions
With Project Eirini, Cloud Foundry Adapts to a New Open Source Ecosystem
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New Relic, SignifAI and the Shifting View of Monitoring Technologies
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Open Source and Humanity, a Discussion with Mårten Mickos
Turo’s Car Sharing Service Iterates Quickly and Tests Often
The Widening Gap Between Serverless and Kubernetes
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Democratizing Machine Learning at Scale with Kubernetes on Azure
How the Azure Kubernetes Service Makes Developers More Productive
This Week on The New Stack: Storage and Memory Start to Blur
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A New Approach to DevOps with Spinnaker on Kubernetes
All the Complexities and all the Topics for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon
Ben Golub: From Storage to Docker and Back to Storage but Now with Blockchain
Breaking Down Software Teams and Platforms at Capital One
A New APM Platform from Raygun, the Monitoring Provider
Univa’s Project Tortuga and the Intersections of Kubernetes and HPC Workloads
Container Storage Environments in OpenEBS for Kubernetes and Microservices Deployments
Swim: A Raw Compute Platform that Poses Questions About the Endless Fabrics of Time
Architectures at the Edge to Go the Last Mile
Characterizing the State of Microservices Adoption
Beyond the Hugs: A Ratio for Valuing Open Source Contributions
Chasing Grace Project: The Gender Pay Gap in the Male-Dominated World of Tech and Open Source
Automating Licensing Compliance When 90 Percent of Components are Open Source
The Cloud-Native Market’s Open Source Economic Realities
Dotmesh: Capturing State in Application Development and Testing Across Multiple Microservices