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STORIES BY Alex Williams — PAGE 9
GitOps for Kubernetes: A DevOps Iteration Focused on Declarative Infrastructure
New Kubernetes Solutions Directory Now Available for Download
A Candid Assessment from The New York Times CTO with Serverless and the 1990s in Mind
Inside-Out at HPE: Working with Customers to Meet Developer Needs
How Do You Transform a 25-Year-Old Application?
HPE OneSphere: A Multicloud Platform with Docker and Kubernetes Under the Hood
Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns Ebook Now Available
The Data Center Is Olympus: Operational Approaches to Securing Kubernetes
Why PagerDuty Is a DevOps Hub with Jira Software from Atlassian
The Monki Gras Conference: What It Takes to Make the Magic Things
Abstractions in Container Storage: The REX-Ray and CSI Story
The New Stack Times: Looking Back and Moving Ahead
Typeform: To Go and Beyond
CircleCI’s Technical Architecture Is Built for Scalability
The Evolving Developer Advocate Role — A Conversation with Google’s Kim Bannerman
Finding the Right Fit with Data-Driven Applications and Cloud Foundry
Cloud Foundry: Focusing on Flexibility and Choice for a Cloud-Native World
Dockercon: Was It Any Surprise Docker Announced Support for Kubernetes?
Schuberg Philis’ Journey with CloudStack and Kubernetes
With the Maturity of Containers Comes a New World of Stateful Services
Kubernetes, Continuous Integration, and the Next KubeCon
Discussing Cloud Foundry’s New Container Runtime
Defining Ease of Use on Azure Means Meeting Developers Halfway
The New Inherent Complexity of Delivering Open Source Software on Cloud Services
Why Azure App Service Embraces Containers and Now Runs on Linux
What Has Happened to REST in a World of Containers and Data Streaming?
Deeply Nested Code, Bugs and Distributed Systems
A Geek’s Rap about Neural Networks