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STORIES BY B. Cameron Gain — PAGE 11
LogDNA ‘Kubernetes Enrichment’: Automated and Simplified Observability
Puppet’s 2020 State of DevOps Report: Why Automation and Self-Service Are Key
How Puppet Connect Helps DevOps Shift to Self-Service Model
TriggerMesh 1.0 Platform Promises Event-Driven Production Workflows Across the Clouds
Lightning Demos: Open Service Mesh, Crossplane, Cloudstate, Open Policy Agent and Grafana
How CERN Accelerates with Kubernetes, Helm, Prometheus and CoreDNS
Confluent ‘Proactive Support’ Aims to Speed Resolution of Kafka Streaming Data Issues
The Status of Cloud Native Computing and Kubernetes Today
Q&A: Book Author Andy Greenberg on Government-Sponsored Hacker Threats
One Bank’s Path for Moving Deep Legacy Infrastructure into Cloud Native Operations
Grafana’s Loki 2.0 Features New Log Labels, Direct Alerts and a Prettier Dashboard
Snyk Rethinks Static Application Security Testing for Developers
Cloud Foundry Aims to Bring the Ease of ‘cf push’ to Kubernetes
MongoDB Clusters Can Now Be Run Across Multiple Clouds
How Rancher Will Help Give SUSE ‘The Edge’
Canonical’s MicroK8s Lightweight Kubernetes Distribution Gets High Availability
Rancher 2.5 Sets out to Be the Stock Kubernetes Build for GitOps
HashiCorp Adds Vault to Its Cloud Platform, Launches Access Security Project
3 Ways to Use Automation in CI/CD Pipelines
Data Center and Cloud Environments for Next-Generation Data Stacks
VMworld 2020: Can a Single Vendor Pull DevOps into One API?
Supplant Scripting with Engineering Management and Machine Learning
Next-Generation Cloud Computing Does Not Involve Putting a Server in a Container
The Basics of DataOps and Why It Matters
VMware to Acquire SaltStack for Advanced Multicloud Automation
Grafana Labs Invests in Strengthening Enterprise Integrations with Prometheus
How Kubernetes Vulnerabilities Have Shifted Since the First API Attacks
CloudBees’ DevOps World 2020: CI/CD, Jenkins and ‘Extreme Ownership’