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STORIES BY Emily Omier — PAGE 2
Entrepreneurship for Engineers: Do You Need a Salesperson?
Entrepreneurship for Engineers: Open Source Business Models
Shift Left: How Security Pros Should Prepare Developers for DevSecOps
Why Data Engineering Is Not Just About Data Science
Data Mesh Liberates Business Value from Data Lakes, Data Warehouses
DataOps: Tips and Tricks
How to Write a Better README Mission Statement
DataOps Is More than ‘DevOps for Data’
How Kubernetes Accelerates Multiplayer Game Development
Kubernetes Portability: Must-Have or Shiny Object Syndrome?
Who Needs a Dashboard? Why the Kubernetes Command Line Is Not Enough
The Pros and Cons of Multicloud
Q&A: Building on 40 Years of Experience with Distributed Systems at Nokia
Kubernetes: the Magic is in the Complexity
Should You Really Be so Worried about Cloud Lock-In?
Q&A with Eli Lilly’s Software Engineering Lead: Focus on People, not Tech
Are Cloud Services the Future of Open Source? 
Does Your Organization Need an Open Source Program Office?
Primer: Benefits and Risks of Automated Patch Management
What ‘Security’ Means for Open Source Software
Tools and DevSecOps: Necessary but Not Sufficient
DevSecOps: Not Just About Security
Simplicity and Security: What Commercial Providers Offer for the Service Mesh
Q&A with Accedian: How Remote Work Stresses the Company VPN
Q&A with Devo: COVID-19 Is Changing the Cloud Conversation
COVID-19: Kubernetes Helps Retail, Gaming Meet Sudden Scaling Demands
Service Mesh Adds Security, Observability and Traffic Control to Kubernetes
Just How Challenging Is State in Kubernetes?