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STORIES BY Jennifer Riggins — PAGE 3
Open Source Licenses: Who Holds the Power?
How to Make Tech Interviews Suck Less
How to Recognize, Recover from and Prevent Burnout
Open Source Communities Need More Safe Spaces and Codes of Conducts. Now.
Data Persistence and Storage over Pancakes at KubeCon EU 2021
Tetrate Service Bridge to Close Enterprise Application Networking Gap via Service Mesh
Why (Almost) Everyone Wants Richard Stallman Canceled
How to Prepare for the Culture Change of the Hybrid Model
A Guide to Clubhouse: Is Anybody Listening?
What the Hybrid Model Looks Like for the Tech Industry
This Can’t Be Normal: The Tech Industry After a Year of Burnout
Antiracist Economist Kim Crayton on How to Beat the Systemic Racism of IT
The Power of the Debriefing to Get at Root Causes
Chaos Carnival: Cultivate a Corporate Culture for Chaos Engineering
How the Tech Community Can Do Better for Black Women
Alphabet Workers Union Tests Tech Industry Appetite for Unionization
Gene Kim on Biggest Obstacles Faced by DevOps in 2021
Declare, Respond, Mitigate, Learn: How Kintaba Tackles Incident Response
Why Tech Is Still Toxic for Women (and What to Do About it)
Want to Save the World? Start by Cutting Your Cloud Costs
Is Hindsight Still 2020? Reviewing the Year in Tech
Mary Poppendieck on Why You Should Just Burn Your Backlog
Why Kubernetes and Kafka Are the Combo for DataOps Success
KubeCon: Cloud Native Patterns of the GitOps Pipeline
LitmusChaos and Argo Bring Chaos Workflows to Kubernetes
KubeCon: Lessons in Disaster Recovery from COVID-19 and Site Reliability Engineering
How to Give and Receive Technical Help in Open Source Communities
Gremlin Sound Proofs Chaotic Pods in Kubernetes Clusters