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STORIES BY Jennifer Riggins — PAGE 4
Mary Poppendieck on Why You Should Just Burn Your Backlog
Why Kubernetes and Kafka Are the Combo for DataOps Success
KubeCon: Cloud Native Patterns of the GitOps Pipeline
LitmusChaos and Argo Bring Chaos Workflows to Kubernetes
KubeCon: Lessons in Disaster Recovery from COVID-19 and Site Reliability Engineering
How to Give and Receive Technical Help in Open Source Communities
Gremlin Sound Proofs Chaotic Pods in Kubernetes Clusters
Adrian Cockcroft on ‘Failover Theater’ and Achieving True Continuous Resilience
Join Us Oct. 20 for KubeCon Preview Livestream Demos: 5 Projects, 10 Minutes Each
Breaking Serverless on Purpose with Chaos Engineering
DevOps World: DevOps Shifts from Relentless Automation to Value Streams
Safe to Fail: Reinforce Distributed Systems with Chaos Engineering
DevOps World: DevOps Moves to Resilient Collaboration
CloudBees’ DevOps World 2020 Points the Way to Accelerated Resiliency
The Opportunity of Open Source to Create Opportunities for Others
The Flux Factor: GitOps for Continuous Delivery
Laying the Groundwork for Kubernetes Security, Across Workloads, Pods and Users
KubeCon EU: Cloud Native Security Tools for the Next Decade Will Focus on Recovery
Kubernetes: Use PodDisruptionBudgets for Application Maintenance and Upgrades
KubeCon EU: Envoy Looks to WebAssembly to Extend Microservices Monitoring
Gatsby Faces Community Upheaval Over Commercialization Plans, Diversity Challenges
How to Sell Your Infrastructure to the Colleagues Who Don’t Have to Buy It
Self-Serve: The Kubernetes Operator for Cassandra
Gremlin Launches ‘Health Checks’ for Chaos Engineering with Greater Control
Words Matter: Finally, Tech Looks at Removing Exclusionary Language
Black Lives Matter: How the Tech Community Can Provide Support
Observability, Distributed Tracing and Kubernetes Management
Responsible Tech in a World of Continuous Delivery