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STORIES BY Jennifer Riggins — PAGE 7
The Evolution of the Site Reliability Engineer
The Rapid Rate of Container Adoption
How to Build Open Source Sustainability
How Service Meshes and Kubernetes Will Close Gap Between Speed and Security
Rebuilding AI Toward a Feminist Alexa
Container Security, Unverified Images and Docker Vulnerabilities
What Is the Long-Term Cost of Code?
Microsoft’s Chloe Condon on Developer Advocacy
How to Get More People of Color to Join (and Stay) in Tech
WordPress Co-Founder Mike Little on the Importance of Open Source
Building the Woke Web: Accessibility and Social Justice in Software Development
The Internet of Things Will Be Delivered on Dev-Led Partnerships
A Model for Managing Microservices in Cellular Self-Organized Teams
Afrotech Fest Shows How to Make Tech Events More Inclusive
The Rise of Progressive Delivery for Systems Resilience
How Paybase Overcame Default Kubernetes Security Settings for PCI DSS Compliance
HTML, CSS, and the Path to Accessible Web Design
How Edge Computing Will Deliver on the Promise of 5G
How to Design Inclusion into a Tech Event
Inclusion at Scale in the Mozilla and Kubernetes Open Source Communities
The Future of Artificial Intelligence at Scale
Facebook’s Tool for Automated Testing at 2 Billion Users Scale
DevRel and the Increasing Popularity of the Developer Advocate
Tech Ethics New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Build Software You Will Regret
The Role of Embedded Tester on DevOps Development Teams
Two Ways to Get Started with Behavior-Driven Development
How Dashboards are Changing Human Behavior in DevOps
Cyber Monday: Do You Know the Cost of Your System’s Downtime?