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STORIES BY Jennifer Riggins — PAGE 8
Want DevOps Automation? It’s People Before Pipelines
Who Is in Charge of Developing a DevOps Culture?
Workflows for the New Developer Experience
Cloud Native DevOps: Four Horsemen of the Operations Apocalypse
How to Diminish the Inevitable Failure of Distributed Systems
The Art of DevOps Communication, at Scale and On-Call
Linus Torvalds, Self-Sustainability and Cultures of Blame
How KeyBank Used DevOps to Overcome Cost, Complexity, and Legacy Constraints
Gremlin Now Treats Containers as First-Class Failures
Are Programmers Ethically (and Legally) Responsible for Their Code?
DevSecOps: Security Automation in Enterprise DevOps
Miniservices: A Realistic Alternative to Microservices
Tech Ethics: Can Developers Save the Earth, One Container at a Time?
NetDevOps: The Next Frontier in Agile Enterprise Automation?
How Chaos Engineering Can Drive Kubernetes Reliability
Gremlin’s Tammy Bütow on the Business Side of Chaos Engineering
On Call Rotations: How Best to Wake Devs Up in the Middle of the Night
6 Lessons from Bitnami’s Transition to Container-Based Ops
Unit Testing: Time Consuming but Product Saving
How Chaos Engineering Can Bring Stability to Your Distributed Systems
Platform-as-a-Service: The Key to Running a Continuous Deployment Pipeline
Container Camp: Four Security Lessons from a Live Container Hacking Session
The Search for the Best Agile Framework: SAFe, LeSS or Another?
Why Writing Great Docs Matters So Much to the UK’s Government Digital Service
From Monolith to Microservices: One Company’s Plan
Microservices: The Good, the Bad and the Hype
DAD: How Disciplined Agile Delivery Approaches Enterprise
No Testing, No Documentation, No Problem?