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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 10
OpenStack Spins Off Zuul, a Gated CI Pipeline for Multiple Repositories
Lessons in Thrift: How Facebook Keeps its Web Pages Snappy
GitOps: ‘Git Push’ All the Things
Interview: Google gVisor and the Challenge of Securing Multitenant Containers
Red Hat Releases a Framework to Easily Package Applications for Kubernetes
Google Launches gVisor, an Open Source Sandboxed Container Runtime
Q&A: Eventbrite’s Pat Poels on Building a Rapidly-Scalable Events-Driven Architecture
Microsoft Azure Container Instances are Now Ready for Production Workloads
A Tip from Mechanical Engineering: Use Control Theory to Better Auto-Scale Systems
SUSE Cloud Application Platform Bundles Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry
Meet Gloo, the ‘Function Gateway’ That Unifies Legacy APIs, Microservices, and Serverless
Anaconda’s Python/R Distribution Sets the Stage for Scalable Machine Learning
Kubernetes High Availability: No Single Point of Failure
Camunda Offers a Microservices Workflow Engine, Built on BPMN
Nvidia Embraces Kubernetes for Scalable Deep Learning
Nvidia Offers a Data Center Simulator for Training Self-Driving Automobiles
Cloud Native Computing Foundation Welcomes the NATS Messaging Protocol into the Fold
Aqua Extends Container Security Platform to Kubernetes, Cloud Services
Mesosphere 1.11 Focuses on Edge Computing, Multicloud and Disaster Recovery
Instagram Supercharges Cassandra with a Pluggable RocksDB Storage Engine
Microservices: It’s All About the Events
Mesosphere’s Data Center Operating System Will Soon Offer a Managed Kubernetes
VMware Hires Serverless OpenFaaS Founder; Dell Shutters Its {code} Open Source Initiative
The RED Method: A New Approach to Monitoring Microservices
Oracle Promises Self-Securing, Self-Repairing Autonomous Cloud Services
CNCF’s Vitess Scales MySQL with the Help of Kubernetes
Jenkins-Based CloudBees Acquires Codeship to Fill Out CI/CD Portfolio
Microsoft Expands the Kubernetes Toolset with the Virtual Kublet