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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 11
Microsoft Expands the Kubernetes Toolset with the Virtual Kublet
IBM Delves into Serverless Function Orchestration with the Open Source Composer Tool
BeyondCorp: How Google Ditched VPNs for Remote Employee Access
New Microsoft, Oracle Projects Bridge Kubernetes with Serverless Environments
CoreOS’s Open Cloud Services Could Bring Cloud Portability to Container-Native Apps
Amazon SageMaker Automates the Artificial Intelligence Development Pipeline
Amazon Web Services Takes on Kubernetes, Offers a Serverless Database Service
How Microsoft Forged a Scalable Git to Better Manage Windows Development
Are You Ready for the WebAssembly Revolution?
CNCF Brings Security to the Cloud Native Stack with Notary, TUF Adoption
A Look at SCONE: Secure Linux Containers in Untrusted Environments with Intel SGX
Netflix Builds a Pipeline for Polyglot Programming
OpenFaaS: Package any Binary or Code as a Serverless Function
Jupyter Notebooks Meet the Challenge of Reproducibility
The Role of API Gateways in Microservice Architectures
Uber Devises a Scheduler to Run TensorFlow Deep Learning Jobs Across Multiple GPUs
CNCF Adds Oracle, Onboards the Envoy and Jaeger Projects
Open Source Summit: Kubernetes as the New Linux
Don’t Panic: How PagerDuty Handles Incident Management
Node.js Forked Again Over Complaints of Unresponsive Leadership
StackPointCloud Brings Kubernetes to DigitalOcean
AWS Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Boosting Kubernetes Momentum
This Week in Scalability: Why Your Work May No Longer Be (Statistically) Significant
This Week in Scalability: The KEG Hangover
Boomi the Cloud Integrator Takes on Data Management
This Week in Scalability: System Backups in the Container Era
Salesforce, Comcast Test Kubernetes for Massively Scalable Workloads
Benchmarking Serverless: IBM Scientists Devise a Test Suite to Quantify Performance