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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 13
Docker to Donate its Container Runtime, containerd, to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Capital One’s Open Source Hydrograph Brings ETL Data Integration to Developers
Docker Launches an Enterprise Edition, Refines Market Strategy
OpenStack Ocata: Containers all the Way Down
The Future of Microscaling and the Current State of Container Deployments
AnacondaCon 2017: Python and the Emerging Practice of ‘Open Data Science’
With PyWren, AWS Lambda Finds an Unexpected Market in Scientific Computing
Oracle Cloud’s Secret Sauce: The Virtual Cloud Network
CNCF Rescues the Orphaned RethinkDB Database from Copyleft Oblivion
Docker Calls out Red Hat for Ambitious Marketing over Recent RunC Vulnerability
Set Up a MongoDB Replica Set in Under an Hour Using a Bitnami Package
Verizon Fields Mesosphere’s DCOS to Deploy Nimbler Applications
Project Falco: Sysdig Reengineered for Security Monitoring
Wercker Expands CI/CD Platform with Virtual Private Pipelines, Private Cloud Deployments
TNS Analysts: Is AWS Finally Getting Serious about Open Source?
Docker Spins out containerd as an Independent Open Source Project
CoreOS Offers Self-Hosting Kubernetes with New Tectonic Release
At Long Last, Linux Gets Dynamic Tracing
Macaw Launches a Platform Dedicated to Managing Enterprise-Grade Microservices
Right-click Docker: Microsoft’s Ambitious Enterprise Vision for Containers
Apprenda-led Team Preps Kubernetes to Manage Windows Containers
Microsoft Azure Provides Another Cloud Home for Kubernetes
OpenStack Summit Pancake Podcast: Disks Are Cheap, Your Time Is Expensive
Microsoft Prepped Windows Server 2016 for Ultra-Fast Persistent Storage
OpenStack Summit: IBM Demonstrates Live Migration of Docker Containers
How Cloud Foundry Connects with the Google Cloud Platform Using Bosh
Debunking Unikernel Criticisms
TNS Guide to Serverless Technologies: The Best of FaaS and BaaS