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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 14 Brings Serverless Computing to the Cloud Foundry Platform
Meet Zipkin: A Tracer for Debugging Microservices
BOSH Hooks Cloud Foundry into the Google Cloud Platform, Offers Large-Scale VM Lifecycle Management
Twitter’s IT Chargeback System Sets the Stage for End-to-End Service Lifecycle Management
Docker and the ‘F’-word
A Docker Fork: Talk of a Split Is Now on the Table
Ready Docker Containers for a RunC Runtime with Riddler
Huawei Launches a Kubernetes-based Container Engine
Microsoft Open Sources PowerShell, Ports the CLI to Linux
Intel Sets a Base for Scalable Deep Learning
DigitalOcean’s New CTO Doesn’t Do Process for its Own Sake (But She Has a Process)
For Modern Business, it’s ‘DevOps or Die’
OpenStack Summit Silicon Valley: Kubernetes and the Future of OpenStack
The Prometheus Microservice Monitor Reports for Production
Container Format Dispute on Twitter Shows Disparities Between Docker and the Community
Q&A James Turnbull: The Art of Monitoring in the Age of Microservices
NodeSource Packages its Commercial Node.js Software for Kubernetes Clusters
The Quest to Build an Unprivileged Container
Chef Working on a Build Service to Automate Habitat Packaging
The Emerging Containers as a Service Marketplace
DigitalOcean Launches Block Storage Service for Storage-Hungry Cloud Users
Chef Rolls all of its IT Management Ingredients into One Package, Chef Automate
WePay on Kubernetes: ‘It Changed Our Business’
Kubernetes 1.3 Supports Stateful Apps, Federated Clusters
Codenvy, Microsoft and Red Hat Collaborate on a Protocol for Sharing Programming Language Guidance
The New Stack @ Scale Podcast Show 10: Platform Versus the Chaos Monkeys
Docker Engine 1.12 Comes with Built-in Orchestration Capabilities
How Mesos Helped Scale Quant Firm Two Sigma