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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 15
Google Firebase Trims the Middle Tier for Faster App Dev
CoreOS Launches a Kubernetes-Friendly Storage System: Torus
Cloud Foundry’s Security Strategy: Rotate, Repair, Repave
Apprenda Acquires Kismatic and Launches a Kubernetes Distro
MapD Offers a Columnar Database System that Runs on GPUs
Q&A with Erica Brescia, Bitnami: Continuous Deployment at Production Scale
Q&A with Microsoft’s Jeremy Winter: Automation is the New Visualization
Project Calico, Flannel Join Forces for Policy-secured Networking
Docker Launches a Vulnerability Scanner for Containers
CoreOS Updates etcd for Large-scale Container Coordination
IBM’s Angel Diaz: No Cloud is an Island
The New Stack 2.0 — What Now?
Neo: Graph Databases Are for More than Social Media
OpenStack Gets ‘Self-Healing’ with CoreOS’ New Kubernetes-based Stackanetes
DNA: The Long-term Data Storage Format that Will Never Go Obsolete
Converging Storage: CephFS Now Production Ready
Walmart Labs CTO: How OpenStack Can Prevent Cloud Lock-in
How Synchronous REST Turns Microservices Back into Monoliths
Q&A: Tracy Hinds on Bringing Node.js to the People
Npm Tightens Unpublishing Policy after the Internet-Disrupting Kik Fracas
Etcd May Be the Next Project for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
The New Stack @ Scale Podcast, Show 7: ClusterHQ and the Science of Scaling
Kubernetes 1.2 Offers Rolling Updates, Persistent Volumes
Creating an API is the Easy Part: IBM Now Offers Full API Lifecycle Management
Video: Capital One’s SwiftID for Online Identity Management
CoreOS Adds Remediation Hooks to the Clair Container Security Scanner
Reddit CTO: Stick to Boring Tech when Building Your Startup
Accident Report: The Google Self-Driving Car