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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 16
SXSW: Capital One Opens APIs for Third-Party e-Commerce Use
Docker Swarm Wins Scaling Benchmark but Don’t Take That as Gospel
Eclipse Che: Portable Shared Development Workspaces with Built-In Runtimes
Etsy CTO Q&A: We Need Software Engineers, Not Developers
Apprenda Extends Platform Services with Kubernetes Integration
Grindr Settles into a Scalable Platform to Expand its Range of Services
IBM’s Ambitious Mission to Forge Apple Swift Into a Cloud-Native Language
Docker Offers an Enterprise “Containers as a Service” Package
IBM Launches Bluemix OpenWhisk, an Event-driven Programming Service
IBM Cloud to Easily Replicate VMware Workloads and Enterprise Java
Spark 2.0 will offer Interactive Querying of Live Data
Google Compute Engine Now Offers Custom Virtual Machine Sizing
IBM Bequeaths the Express Framework to the Node.js Foundation
How D3.js Masters the DOM to Visualize Data for the Web
Docker Engine Hardened with Secure Computing Nodes and User Namespaces
The Xen Project’s Lars Kurth on the Promise (and Debugging) of Unikernels
Spark Closes in on Real-Time Processing with Redis Pairing
How Speedy Solid State Storage May Radically Change Application Development
DevOps the Walmart Way, with the Newly-Released OneOps Cloud Platform
Unikernels Can’t be Debugged, Joyent’s Chief of Technology Argues
Docker Buys Unikernel Systems, Plans to Mainstream Virtual Library OSes
Apex Makes AWS Lambda Easy Peasy for Programmers
Video: How Developers Can Use Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry Stack
Video: Get Started on Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry Stack
Google Go, OpenSSH Both Need Prompt Patching for Encryption Leaks
Joyent CTO: Confusion and Clarity in the Container Space
From the Stacks: Apply the Laws of Scalability to Management
PostgreSQL 9.5 Geared to Liberate Enterprises from the Data Warehouse