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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 6
AWS’ Bottlerocket and the Age of the Linux Cloud Distributions
How HAProxy Streamlines Kubernetes Ingress Control
Pulumi: Program the Infrastructure with an Actual Programming Language
Why COVID-19 Contact Tracing Requires a Distributed Database
Pancake Podcast: Cassandra and the Kubernetes Data Plane
The New Stack Context: Stress, Resilience and the Network Effects of COVID-19
OpenTelemetry Steps up to Manage the Mayhem of Microservices
Trow, a Container Registry to Run Inside Your Kubernetes Cluster
Dragonfly Brings Peer-to-Peer Image Sharing to Kubernetes
Chip Childers Takes Executive Director Role at Cloud Foundry
DigitalOcean: COVID-19 Puts Capacity Planning on an Accelerated Schedule
Lightstep: Pay for the Observability, Not Just the Telemetry
Kubernetes 1.18 Brings Kubectl Debugging, Ingress Improvements
CTOs Seek Volunteers to Help the U.S. Government’s COVID-19 Efforts
The New Stack Context: Who Owns Security in the DevOps Process?
Istio 1.5 Brings a Binary Installer, WASM-Based Extensibility for Envoy
Beyond Kube-Proxy: Project Calico Harnesses eBPF for a Faster Data Plane
GitHub Acquires npm, Buying Microsoft a Presence in the Node/JavaScript Community
Gremlin’s Failover Conf: A Virtual Conference for Those Grounded by COVID-19
Amazon Web Services Releases a Linux Distribution Built for Containers
Urgent Patch: Istio Authentication Vulnerability Could Leave Sensitive Data Exposed
CNCF: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe Still on; Coronavirus Progress Monitored
Shopify Unifies Mobile Development Under React Native
HPE Buys into Cloud Native Service Authentication with Scytale Acquisition
Octarine Open Sources a Kubernetes Tool to Check for Configuration Security Errors
EBay Rolls Out Kubernetes for Performance-Sensitive Search Operations
Equinix Purchases Packet to Bring Bare Metal Provisioning to the Edge
Kubernetes Performance Trouble Spots: Airbnb’s Take