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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 7
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Technical Oversight Committee
Best Practices Across the DevSecOps Lifecycle
JFrog Debuts Pipelines, Designed to Provide End-to-End DevOps Automation
Corporate Open Source and the Grassroots Success of DevOps Days
Docker Symlink-Race Vulnerability Could Allow Unauthorized Data Access
KubeMove: Move Data Across Kubernetes Clusters Without Proprietary Extensions
OpenTracing, OpenCensus Merge into a Single New Project, OpenTelemetry
Fresh Spectre Vulnerabilities May Force Cloud Providers to Disable Intel Hyper-Threading
A Week Later, Docker Offers Scant Details on Hub Attack
DockerCon 2019: All About the End-to-End Container Lifecycle
Docker Enterprise 3.0 Simplifies Kubernetes Management
Docker Hub Compromised, Users Urged to Reset Passwords, Tokens
Project Calico and the Challenge of Cloud Native Networking
Quantum Computing’s Challenging Liftoff to Commercialization
Grafana Now Offers Flux as a Native Query Language
F5 to Buy NGINX to Enhance Cloud Native and Multicloud Capabilities
Red Hat Launches a Hub for Kubernetes Operators
New Relic Takes on AIOps
To Reduce Tech Debt, Eliminate Dependencies (and Refactoring)
Q&A: How LinkedIn Uses Data Science To Reveal the Way Forward
Dr. Michael Stonebraker: A Short History of Database Systems
Database Operators Bring Stateful Workloads to Kubernetes
Kubernetes and the Return of the Virtual Machines
GitLab Uses TriggerMesh to Offer Knative-Based Serverless Workflows
Linux Technology for the New Year: eBPF
Kubernetes Now Does Self-Hosting with Kubeadm
Traefik: A Dynamic Reverse Proxy for Kubernetes and Microservices
Oracle Cloud Native Framework Promises ‘Bi-Directional’ Cloud Portability