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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 9
Traefik: A Dynamic Reverse Proxy for Kubernetes and Microservices
Oracle Cloud Native Framework Promises ‘Bi-Directional’ Cloud Portability
The Etcd Database Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
VMware Extends Istio into the ‘NSX Service Mesh’ for Microservices
Q&A: Rain Capital’s Chenxi Wang on ‘DevSecOps’
AWS Extends Lambda Service with a Custom Runtime, Layered Libraries
AWS Re:Invent: New Machine Learning, Data, Infrastructure Services
SaltStack for Event-Based IT Orchestration Across the Hybrid Cloud
AWS Firecracker: A Micro-VM for Serverless Deployments
All The Hot Infrastructure Tech at OpenStack Summit Berlin
OpenStack Foundation Expands into Open Infrastructure
GraphQL Gets Its Own Foundation
VMware to Acquire Heptio for Enterprise Kubernetes Expertise
IBM’s Red Hat Buy Aims to Bring the ‘Hybrid Cloud’ to the Enterprise
How Dow Jones Folded Security into its Automated Dev Pipeline
Node.js Removes Version Dependencies for Native Modules
NetApp Goes Cloud Native with StackPointCloud Acquisition
The Internet of Things Needs an Infusion of Web Technologies
CNCF Adopts Sysdig’s Falco Container Runtime Monitor
Gremlin Applies Chaos Testing to Serverless
Honeycomb’s Charity Majors: Go Ahead, Test in Production
CNCF, Eclipse Explore Kubernetes-Driven Internet of Things/Edge Computing
Cortex: Stateful Prometheus Monitoring for Multiple Clients
Buoyant Overhauls Linkerd, Moves to a Simpler Service Mesh Model
Drone.IO: A Containerized CI/CD System for Cloud Native Development
SaltStack Expands into Security Compliance Scanning and Remediation
Ballerina: A Programming Language for Cloud Native Computing
New VMware Services Designed to Manage Multicloud Ops