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STORIES BY Joab Jackson — PAGE 9
Oracle Open Sources GraphPipe, a Network Protocol for Machine Learning Models
Nvidia Debuts AI-Ready Turing GPUs, with Real-Time Ray Tracing
Q&A Scalyr’s Steve Newman: Faster Log Queries, Scalable App Monitoring
CNCF Seeks to Advance IT Performance Monitoring with OpenMetrics Spec
Microservices Monitor Prometheus Emerges from CNCF Incubation
Oracle Extends ‘Autonomous’ Database to Transactional Work
Istio 1.0: Come for Traffic Routing, Stay for Distributed Tracing
CNCF’s Cloud-Native Stack Gets a Private Container Registry from VMware
Google Adds Machine Learning Modeling to BigQuery
With Knative, Google Brings Multicloud Serverless to the Enterprise
Q&A LinkedIn’s Nikolai Avteniev: Code Review in the Age of DevOps
WSO2 CEO Tyler Jewell: Ballerina and the End of Middleware
WSO2 Shrinks Integration Platform for Microservices Work
Google Launches Jib, Automated Container Packaging for Java Apps
Debugging Microservices: Lessons from Google, Facebook, Lyft
Q&A: Julia Grace, Slack’s Head of Infrastructure Engineering
Containers for High Performance Computing
How Drone Solved ownCloud’s Continuous Integration Woes
IBM ‘BlockDrop’ Research Speeds Neural Networks
KubeFlow: Manage AI Workflows with Kubernetes
Docker Enterprise Edition Offers Multicloud App Management
Ballerina: An API-First Programming Language
Node.js Creator Blasts Node.js, Offers a Secure TypeScript-Based Alternative
Red Hat Buildah Provides a Way to Build Containers without the Docker Daemon
Extend Spinnaker Automated Delivery with Machine Learning and Custom Pipeline Logic
Microsoft to Acquire GitHub to Expand Developer Reach
CNCF Brings the Helm Package Manager for Kubernetes into the Fold
Canonical Shakes up the Market for OpenStack Distributions