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STORIES BY Kimberley Mok — PAGE 2
Algorithm Speeds Monte Carlo Predictions on Quantum Computers
Archaeologists Use Deep Learning to Analyze Ancient Pueblo Ceramics
Interplanetary File System Could Pave the Way for a Distributed, Permanent Web
Data Ethics Researcher Cautions Against Algorithmic Reordering of Society
How Non-Fungible Tokens Are Disrupting the Art World — and More
Robots Learn Faster with Quantum Technology
IBM Launches New Tools to Ease Quantum Computing Development
The AI Infrastructure Alliance Wants to Build a ‘Canonical Stack’
‘Photonic Accelerator’ Supercharges Optical Neural Networks
Big Questions for the Ethical Use of AI
Quantum ‘Switchable’ Qubit Quickly Flips Between Storage and Fast Calculation Modes
Avocado Chairs at the Intersection of Human Language and Neural Networks
MIT Machine Learning Uses ‘Graph Grammar’ to Automate and Optimize Robot Design
The Year in AI: What’s Behind in 2020, and What’s Ahead
Researchers Discover ‘Sweet Spot’ for Positioning Quantum Bits in Silicon
This AI Can Automatically Decipher Lost Ancient Languages
Q&A: Bridging Data and ML Models with Feast, the Open Source Feature Store
How This Open Source Bionic Leg Could Revolutionize Prosthetics
AI Corrects 50 Years of Sex Bias in Drug Safety Trials
Why It’s Notoriously Difficult to Compare AI and Human Perception
AI-Powered ‘Prescriptive Analytics’ Could Reduce Hospitalization Rates, Cut Costs
These AI-Synthesized Sound Effects Are Realistic Enough to Fool Humans
OpenAI’s GPT-3 Makes Big Leap Forward for Natural Language Processing
DeText: LinkedIn’s Open Source Deep Learning Framework for Natural Language Processing
AI Trounces Philosophers in Answering Philosophical Questions
Industry Facial Recognition AI Moratoriums Don’t Address Flaws, Privacy Concerns
Clearview’s Controversial Facial Recognition AI Automates Mass Surveillance
The Moral Choice Machine: An AI that Learns ‘Right’ from ‘Wrong’