How has the recent turmoil within the OpenAI offices changed your plans to use GPT in a business process or product in 2024?
Increased uncertainty means we are more likely to evaluate alternative AI chatbots and LLMs.
No change in plans, though we will keep an eye on the situation.
With Sam Altman back in charge, we are more likely to go all-in with GPT and LLMs.
What recent turmoil?
Laura Santamaria

As a Lead Developer Advocate at Dell Technologies, Laura Santamaria loves to learn and explain how things work to bridge the gaps in engineering disciplines. She is a cohost for the Cloud Native Compass podcast and was the curator for A Minute on the Mic, a cohost for The Hallway Track podcast, and the host of Quick Bites of Cloud Engineering. As a community member, she co-hosts multiple meetups in the Austin, Texas, area, including Cloud Austin. For many years, she taught Python for the Women Who Code Austin meetup, as well. She is an organizer for DevOpsDays Austin, DevOpsDays Texas, and PyTexas, all community-run conferences. For the past few years, she has been a returning program committee member for Open Source Summit’s Cloud Open track that explores cloud infrastructure and cloud apps. Outside of tech, Laura runs, reads, and watches clouds—the real kind.