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STORIES BY Lawrence E Hecht — PAGE 10
Parity Check: Research Suggests Uptick in Container Orchestration
TNS Research: Tell Us About Your Kubernetes Experience
Parity Check: Announcements of Private Cloud’s Death Are Premature
Navigating Cloud-Native Alliances
Platforms, Containers and the Semantics of PaaS
A Preview of OSCON 2017
Analyzing the Morphing Monitoring Market: APM, Logs, Pricing and Analytics
Parity Check: Expectations Around Monitoring Have Changed
What is ‘DataOps’ and Why It Matters
Rethinking Monitoring for Container Operations
Gartner Purchase of Corporate Executive Board Would Address Changes in IT Advisory Market
Monitoring Software: The Market Lines Are Blurry
Parity Check: The Software Budget’s Appetite Kept in Check by the Bottom Line
Parity Check: Do We Need All That Scalability Mesos Offers?
Looking at How to Look at Kubernetes
TNS Research: What We Know about Cloud Market Share
TNS Guide to Serverless Technologies: The Best Frameworks, Platforms and Tools
TNS Guide to Serverless Technologies: The Best of FaaS and BaaS
TNS Research: How Much Did it Cost to Build the Kubernetes Ecosystem?
Parity Check: Beware the Public Cloud Bandwagon
Parity Check: Node.js, JVM and the Surprising Results About Docker Swarm
TNS Research: Serverless and Distributed Database Services are Besties Now
TNS Research: Re-architecting for Containers Beyond the Greenfield
TNS Research: Container Use on Amazon Web Services
TNS Research: A Scan of the Container Vulnerability Scanner Landscape
TNS Research: Multiple Orchestrators, Multiple Clouds, What a Mess
Parity Check: Has Container Adoption Stalled?
Parity Check: Cloud Foundry, ClusterHQ Surveys Shed Light on Container Adoption