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STORIES BY Lawrence E Hecht — PAGE 2
Why Businesses Want to Enable ‘No-Code’ and ‘Low-Code’ Automation
Fewer Rust Developers Target WebAssembly
Web Developers Not Moving More Business Logic to the Client
Google Flutter Now Rivals Facebook’s React Native in Dev Use
Shadow, Zombie and Misconfigured APIs Are a Security Issue
Cloud Engineers Try Policy-as-Code to Cure Misconfiguration Woes
Tech Employers Get Good News from Survey of Industry Workforce
Reasons for Developer Burnout
Hello Kubernetes Operators (and Vendors), Few People Know What You’re Selling
Soft Demand for Software Engineers
Cost Overruns Rank Low on List of Challenges for Kubernetes and Containers
WebAssembly Developers Lust for Rust and AssemblyScript (But Not Go)
CDN Providers Rival Hyperscale Clouds for Web Developers Deploying Jamstack
Survey: Jamstack Users Look Beyond Performance Gains, Next.js
Eyeballs, Training, China: Reasons for the Stack Overflow Acquisition
Svelte and Deno on the Path to StackOverflow Validation
Israeli Cybersecurity Sector Flourishes
Snyk’s FossID Buy to Boost C++ Compliance for Embedded Devs
Did Kubernetes Get a COVID Bounce?
Misconfiguration Worries Grow
Companies May Have Unrealistic Expectations of Their Data Infrastructure
A Software Bill of Materials Could Be Required for Applications Soon
Alibaba GitHub Repos Most Active in China
Spreadsheets and Low Code Development Platforms
Are Private Clouds Proliferating?
Google and Oracle Cloud Adoption Doubles Among Enterprises
ClickHouse Has Rapidly Rivaled Other Open Source Databases in Active Contributors
Data Catalogs Need a Major Upgrade