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STORIES BY Lawrence E Hecht — PAGE 3
Data Virtualization in the Context of the Data Mesh
Creating Machine Learning Models Takes too Much Time
Digital Certs Key to Securing Open Source Supply Chain, Though Few Devs Use Them
Chaos Engineering Progressively Moves to Production
Parler’s Other Security Risk: DNS Denial-of-Service
Software Engineers Use Spreadsheets; Data Engineers Use the Cloud
Digital Platform Success and Event Architecture
When Service Meshes Can Emerge from Envoy/Istio Shadows
Direct Contribution, Indirect Financing Most Effective for Open Source
Quick Take: Container Security on Amazon Web Services
Adoption of AWS Lambda Serverless Stalls
Cloud Architects: Edge, Multicloud and Workload Portability Not Top Priorities
Backend Development Surpassing Frontend Work for Prestige
Enterprise Database Selection Most Often Led by System Architects
No Easy Fix: Cloud Native’s Role in Digital Transformation
Postcard from the Edge: Government Use of Internet-of-Things
InfoSec Use of Compliance Tools for Open Source Software
Culture, Vulnerabilities and Budget: Why Devs and AppSec Disagree
Value Investing: Open Source Foundations
Pure Storage Needed Portworx
Visual Basic Lingers on
VMware Cloud on AWS’s Slice of the Off-Premises Private Pie
Ansible, Terraform Excel Among Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps
Constructive Open Source Citizenship Produces Results
Add It Up: Competing Estimates of Open Source Composition
Shaky Economy Dampens Need for Developer Recruitment Efforts
Open Source Programs Become More Critical to Engineering Over Time
Open Source Contributions on the Rise in FinTech, Healthcare and Government