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STORIES BY Lawrence E Hecht — PAGE 4
Bridgecrew: Misconfigured Terraform Modules Are a Security Issue
Digital Transformation During the Pandemic
Rancher’s K3s Will Be Crucial for SUSE’s Kubernetes Success
Serverless Needs More Observability Tools
Where Site Reliability Engineering Overlaps with DevOps
Few Testers Have Programming Skills
Investigating the Next Generation of Infrastructure-as-a-Service
Focus on Speed Doesn’t Mean Focus on Automation
Developer Dissatisfaction Doubles
Unmaintained Dependencies and Other Ways to Measure CI/CD Security
Non-Contributing Developers Expect Companies to Support Open Source
Take Our Survey on Open Source Programs and Best Practices
Add It Up: Integrating Security into the Development Pipeline
Long-Running Study Finds Uptake of Private Clouds from Azure, AWS and GCP
Add It Up: Azure’s Golang Problem
Data Sharing Key to Success for COVID-19 Data Models
COVID-19: IT Spending at a Crossroads
U.S. Unemployment Surge Highlights Dire Need for COBOL Skills
A Brief History of git in Numbers
Knative Crowds out Other Serverless Software (and Other CNCF Survey Takeaways)
Don’t Forget Viruses, the Computer Kind
Remote Work Is Great but Far from Universal
CNCF Survey Snapshot: Tech Adoption in the Cloud Native World
Tech, Even Big Tech, Is Still Trusted
Istio and the Race for Service Mesh Dominance
Survey Results: Service Mesh Useful for Security, Observability and Traffic Control
Problems With Sharing Responsibility for Security
Tell Us About Your Service Mesh Usage