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STORIES BY Lawrence E Hecht — PAGE 6
Reality Check: Everyone Doesn’t Prefer Open Source
Capital One’s Cloud Misconfiguration Woes Have Been an Industry-Wide Fear
Data Center Management: Self-Healing Shifts to Self Optimization
5 Takes from 5 Years of Publishing
Best of Breed or Platform First? Microsoft Teams Gains on Slack
Organizations Running on More Clouds Less Likely to See Security Threats
Wasting Money on Public Cloud Storage
IT Ops Assumes a Greater Role in Container Management
Add It Up: Why Salesforce and Google Bought Tableau and Looker
Legacy Customers’ Concerns Propel Oracle’s Move Towards Microsoft
Low-Code Platform Adoption Gets a Boost from Digital Transformation
Vendors Compete for Users of Stream Processing Technologies
Concern About ‘State’ Lessens as More Applications Use Stream Processing
Time Spent on Project Licensing and Dependencies Declined in Last Year
AIOps Users Found in the Wild
A Microsoft Windows Resurgence, While SQL Server Declines
AIOps, Blockchain and Other Buzzwords
API Providers Face High Expectations
Monitoring Concerns Hamper Hybrid, Multicloud Deployments
SREs Wish Automation Solved All Their Problems
10-Min Survey: Data Streaming’s Role in Application Architecture
IT Spending: Top Down vs. Decentralized Decision Making
Why F5 Networks Bought NGINX: Containers and Existing User Base
F5 to Buy NGINX to Enhance Cloud Native and Multicloud Capabilities
Security Integration Throughout Software Development Lifecycle Is a Pipe Dream
Control Cloud Costs with Organizational Alignment, Not Just Software
Open Source Maintainers Want to Reduce Application Security Risk
Information Security Spending: Don’t Be Fooled by Overconfidence