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STORIES BY Lawrence E Hecht — PAGE 7
Add It Up: C-suite Doesn’t Have a Clue About App Dev
Digital Transformation, IT, and the Rest of the Company
Whose Hardware Will Run Analytics, AI and ML Workloads?
Microsoft Mobile Developers Moving to Generic Browsers
FaaS Selection Criteria: Little Desire for Multicloud
Security Worries Rise as Container Adoption Increases
A Reason to Not Hate Facebook: Open Source Contributions
Open Source Investment: Show Me the Money (and Time)
Add It Up: Enterprise Adoption of Kubernetes Is Growing
Portworx: Multicloud Now a Chief Driver for Containers
Add It Up: Serverless vs. Kubernetes vs. Containers
Add It Up: China Uses Open Source to Deliver Cloud Services
Serverless Roadmaps: Monitoring, Security, Frameworks, Tools
Serverless Roadmap: Hosted and Installable Platforms
IBM’s Red Hat Buy Aims to Bring the ‘Hybrid Cloud’ to the Enterprise
Business Logic Is a Leading Technical Use Case for Serverless
Add It Up: Reality Check on Automated Security Testing
Add It Up: Test Automation Is Not a Tooling Story
Add It Up: FaaS ≠ Serverless
Add It Up: Prepare for an Onslaught of Go Language Serverless Functions
Open Source Culture Starts with Programs and Policies
Add It Up: Machine Learning Developers Don’t Predict
Add It Up: Docker and Lambda on Par in AWS Environments
Add It Up: Even Open Sourcers Pay for Code Repositories
Survey: Open Source Programs Are a Best Practice Among Large Companies
Redis Pulls Back on Open Source Licensing, Citing Stingy Cloud Services
Add It Up: Data Scientists, Not Developers, Lead Machine Learning Efforts
Add It Up: DevOps Security Needs More Tooling