What news from AWS re:Invent last week will have the most impact on you?
Amazon Q, an AI chatbot for explaining how AWS works.
Super-fast S3 Express storage.
New Graviton 4 processor instances.
Emily Freeman leaving AWS.
I don't use AWS, so none of this will affect me.
Mary Branscombe
Mary Branscombe

After completing an MSc in Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems in 1990, Mary Branscombe was convinced that promising as the AI techniques she’d been studying were, they weren’t even close to being ready. Since then, she’s been a technology journalist for more than three decades, specialising in Microsoft but covering the rise of Windows, the birth of the web, smartphones and the cloud – and most recently, the arrival of AI as something mainstream developers can take advantage of. She remains frustrated the technology industry hasn’t done better at security and understanding its social impact. Despite her lingering fondness for Prolog, she has a particular interest in JavaScript, TypeScript and WebAssembly.

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