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STORIES BY Michelle Gienow — PAGE 2
Getting Legit with Git and GitHub: Rolling Back Changes with Revert and Reset
Code n00b: Throwing the Book at ‘Em
Code n00b: It’s Not Math, Genius
Getting Legit With Git and GitHub: README Loud and Clear Using Git Markdown
Code n00b: Walk, Don’t Run
Getting Legit with Git and GitHub: Your First Pull Request
Getting Legit with Git and GitHub: How (and What) to Gitignore
Code n00b: Front of the Class
Code n00b: Welcome to GitHub, Brought to You by Microsoft
Getting Legit with Git (and GitHub): Cloning and Forking
Serverless 101: How to Get Serverless Started in the Enterprise
Get Legit with Git (and GitHub): The Art of the Commit Message
Code n00b: What I Learned Playing ‘Learn to Code’ Video Games
Gatsby, the Open Source React-Based Static Site Generator, Gets Commercial Backing
Working with Branches in Git and GitHub
Code n00b: Learn to Code the EZ Method Koding Kamp Way!
‘Git’ with the Program: Getting Started with GitHub
‘Choose Your Own Adventure’: EmberJS Co-Creator Tom Dale
Tutorial: Git for Absolutely Everyone
A Perfect Ten: Node.js Foundation Launches v.10.0.0
Code n00b: Are You Cut Out for That Dev Life?
Tutorial: CSS Flexbox vs. Grid Layout Ultimate Showdown!!
Code n00b: What They Don’t Tell Us About Dev Life
Container Solutions: Cloud Migration with the Best Tools — and the Right Culture
Don’t ‘Object’-ify Me: An Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript
Code n00b: What Not to Say to Your Dev Team
Netlify Embeds Serverless Functionality into Its Web App Development Platform
Tutorial: Customize Your Terminal OG Style — No Libraries or Plugins!