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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 12
This Week in Programming: Can Developers Help Save the World?
Digital Rebar Promises Distributed Site Automation from Enterprise to Edge
Continuous Delivery Foundation Adds the Scalable Screwdriver to Roster
Microsoft’s Open Source Scalar Brings Large Repository Support for Git
This Week in Programming: What Kind of Developer Are You, Anyway?
Google Identifies Kubernetes-Ready Storage for Anthos
Stackery Adds Provisioned Currency to Hasten Serverless Cold Starts
Cloudticity Brings HIPAA Compliance to Amazon Cloud Native Workloads
This Week in Programming: Building Castles in the Air
KEDA Brings Event-Driven Autoscaling to Kubernetes
Cisco Previews Managed HyperFlex Application Platform for Kubernetes
RapidAPI’s RapidQL, an Open Source Query Language for APIs and Databases
This Week in Programming: Iowa Shows Apps Can’t Replace Institutional Knowledge
This Week in Programming: Forget Microservices, Monoliths Are the Way Forward
Apstra’s Intent-Based Networking Brings Enterprises to Cloud Parity
Chef Habitat Gains a Foothold in the Enterprise, Streamlines Packaging
IBM Opts for Humio’s Scalable Logging to Boost Struggling ELK Cloud Deployments
This Week in Programming: The Next Y2K Is Already Here
MongoDB Unveils Managed GraphQL for MongoDB Atlas
This Week in Programming: Clean Code Zealotry
Red Hat’s OpenShift Updates Focus on Data Encryption and Storage
MariaDB Goes Cloud Native with AWS S3 API, and Introduces ‘Smart’ Transactions
MariaDB Goes Cloud Native with AWS S3 API
CNCF Bug Bounty Program Shines a Light on the Darker Corners of Kubernetes
This Week in Programming: When NOT to Do Microservices
CNCF’s Falco Runtime Security Tool Graduates from the Sandbox, Moves into Incubation
Knative’s Independent Future Outside a Foundation
This Week in Programming: Goodnight, Sweet Python 2.x