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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 15
Atomist Wants to Help the Enterprise Manage Cloud Native Drift
This Week in Programming: Bitbucket Bids Adieu to Mercurial to Focus on Git
Puppet Turns Its Automation Focus to Security with Puppet Remediate
Linux Foundation Forms the Confidential Computing Consortium to Protect Data In Use
Dell Joins AT&T to Further Develop Airship, Metal3-io, Ironic
Google Traffic Director and the L7 Internal Load Balancer Intermingles Cloud Native and Legacy Workloads
This Week in Programming: A Stricter, Bolder PHP That Died Before It Ever Was … But Still May Be
This Week in Programming: Open Source is Better and Worse Than Ever
GitHub Expands into Continuous Integration and Deployment
Sysdig Adds Anomaly Detection and Runtime Profiling to Its Cloud Native Security Platform
CNCF Open Sources Security Audit of Core Kubernetes Components
This Week in Programming: GitHub, Trade Sanctions, and Workarounds
Stackery CloudLocal Brings Lambda Debugging to the Laptop
This Week in Programming: GopherCon 2019, GitLab’s Parallel Merge Trains
Weave Ignite Brings a Container GitOps Experience to VMs
OpenWhisk Serverless Graduates Apache, Looks Ahead to Knative, Envoy and More
This Week in Programming: “Knock Yourself Out, Go to Amazon”
Apollo Introduces a GraphQL Platform for Shared Data Graphs
Juniper Networks Adds Multicloud Kubernetes Support for Its Juke Container Platform
The Pivotal Application Service Addresses Kubernetes Complexity
This Week in Programming: What a Mythical Language Says about Golang
HashiCorp’s Consul Adds Layer 7 to Become a Full-Fledged Service Mesh
NATS 2.0: Like Containers for Messaging
This Week in Programming: Do or Not Do, There Is No Try()
AWS and Symantec Each Redefine the ‘Single Pane of Glass’ for the Cloud
AWS Control Tower Offers Automated Multi-Account Management
This Week in Programming: Awash in the Waves of the Tech Conference Glory
AWS Virtual Private Cloud Now Offers Traffic Mirroring