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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 16
Twistlock 19.07 Builds on Automation, Visibility, Prevention
This Week in Programming: The Dream of AI-Driven Program Synthesis
HAProxy 2.0 Adds Kubernetes, Pushes ‘Polyglot Extensibility’
Kubernetes 1.15 Aims to Extensibility with Custom Resource Definition Features
How OpenStack Provides Scalable, Reusable Infrastructure for AI/ML Workloads
NetApp Takes on the Hybrid Multicloud with Kubernetes Integration
This Week in Programming: A Manifesto for Sustainable Open Source Development
Tigera Harnesses eBPF to Give Calico Kernel-Level Functionality
WSO2 and Ping Partner to Protect Against API Attacks
IBM Open Sources Razee, a Pull-Based Kubernetes Continuous Delivery Tool
This Week in Programming: ‘We are Never, Ever, Ever Licensing Your Software’
Pivotal Throws Its Weight Behind OpenJDK with Spring Runtime
This Week in Programming: Like Riding a Bicycle
Cloud Native Security Consolidation: Palo Alto Networks Buys Twistlock, PureSec
OASIS Combines Open Source and Open Standards with Open Projects
This Week in Programming: GitHub Gets in the Open Source Fundraising Game
NS1 Launches Enterprise Platform for DNS, DHCP and IP Management
Reduxio Launches a Microservices-Based, Container-Native Storage Platform
This Week in Programming: All Aboard the Kotlin Train
Arriving at the Edge with OpenStack
Merico Devises Analytics to Assess Developer Code Contributions
This Week in Programming: Google, Microsoft Show Off All the Things
Red Hat, Microsoft Team to Offer Event-Driven OpenShift on Azure
Red Hat’s OpenShift 4 Adds Knative, Key CoreOS Features
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Addresses the Hybrid, Multicloud Future
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Updated with Application Streams, Universal Base Image
Metal3 Uses OpenStack’s Ironic for Declarative Bare Metal Kubernetes
This Week in Programming: Has Facebook Forgotten about the Developers?