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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 17
Bare Metal Moves to the Forefront with OpenStack Ironic
Kata Containers and Zuul Now Top-Level Open Infrastructure Projects
This Week in Programming: Practicing Good Developer Self-Care
Quest Software Takes on Container Management
This Week in Programming: Natural Born Skeptics
Sysdig Update Provides Security and Visibility to Cloud Native Applications
Red Hat’s Quarkus Brings Natively Compiled Java to Kubernetes
This Week in Programming: Google Cloud’s Shock and Awe Campaign
OpenStack ‘Stein’ Promises 5-Minute Kubernetes Deployments
CNCF to Host CRI-O as Incubated Project
This Week in Programming: ‘Constant Failure and Bursts of Joy’
Qumulo Scales Distributed Storage for Collaborative Online Video Editing
Zettaset Launches Software-Defined Encryption for Cloud Foundry
CNCF Incubates Open Policy Agent, a Policy-As-Code Project
MapR Brings Apache Spark and Apache Drill to Kubernetes
This Week in Programming: Choosy Developers Choose GIF
The Central Security Project: Vulnerability Reporting for Open Source Java
Pivotal Readies the Greenplum Parallel Processing Database for Kubernetes
This Week in Programming: From the Mouths of Developers
This Week in Programming: Do We Need Another Foundation?
Linux Foundation Unveils CommunityBridge, an Open Source Funding Platform
Service Mesh Startup Tetrate Aims to Bring Enterprise Scalability to Istio, Envoy
CD Foundation Launches with Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker, Tekton
This Week in Programming: Power Moves for Microsoft PowerShell
Source{d} Can Help Solve Your Own Tabs-Versus-Spaces Debate
Twistlock Expands Beyond Docker, Kubernetes with RASP Defender
Kubernetes-based Hammerspace Debuts Data-as-a-Microservice
This Week in Programming: ‘Rough Consent’ for Project Management