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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 3
vFunction Guides Enterprises Toward Continuous Modernization
Red Hat OpenStack 16.2 Puts Containers on Bare Metal
This Week in Programming: Visual Studio Code Arrives on the Web
CodeSee Helps Developers ‘Understand the Codebase’
This Week in Programming: Rancher’s Docker Desktop Replacement
Red Hat OpenShift 4.9’s Single Node Clusters for the Edge
Codefresh Goes Open Core with Argo, Previews Open GitOps 1.0 Release Adds GraphQL to Gloo Mesh and Gloo Edge
Falco Plugins Bring New Data Sources to Real-Time Security
AppWrite: A Cloud Native Backend-as-a-Service
This Week in Programming: Hacktoberfest Goes Opt-In Only
GitPod OpenVSCode Server Brings Visual Studio Code to the Browser
Docker Defends Desktop Pricing, Says Support Led to Faster Features
This Week in Programming: Who’s Headed to KubeCon?
Mirantis Flow Builds a Data Center-as-a-Service on Kubernetes
Hadean’s Rust SDK Promises ‘Friction Free’ Cloud Native Computing
Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Beats Complexity Through Automation
Chef Shifts to Policy as Code, Debuts SaaS Offering
This Week in Programming: Go’s New Code of Conduct Arrives with a High Profile Ban
This Week in Programming: The Docker Dogpile Continues
Facebook’s Golang Object Relational Mapper Moves to the Linux Foundation
Camel K Brings Apache Camel to Kubernetes for Event-Driven Architectures
This Week in Programming: Docker and the Internet of Free Software Entitlement
NGINX’s Reference Architecture for Kubernetes Microservices
NGINX Commits to Open Source and Kubernetes Ingress
This Week in Programming: When Linux Was ‘Just a Hobby’
Kubernetes-Autoscaling KEDA Moves into CNCF Incubation
This Week in Programming: GitHub Discussions Goes Live