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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 5
GitLab Brings on UnReview to Solve Code Review, Address AI/ML DevOps
Preflight Defends Against Supply Chain Attacks with Single Line of Code
This Week in Programming: Google Gets into the Open Source Insights Game
Yor Automates Tagging for Infrastructure as Code
This Week in Programming: Microsoft Makes Low-Code No-Code with OpenAI GPT-3 Model
Stacklet Platform Brings Managed Cloud Custodian to the Enterprise
Netlify Brings Collaboration to Deploy Previews with FeaturePeek Acquisition
This Week in Programming: Python Aims for a 5x Speed Boost
Upbound Universal Crossplane Wants to Replace Infrastructure as Code
Ambassador Labs Combats Tool Sprawl with Developer Control Plane
Filebase’s S3-Compatible API Aims to Ease Decentralized Storage
This Week in Programming: eBPF Coming to a Windows Near You
KrakenD API Gateway Joins the Linux Foundation as the Lura Project
This Week in Programming: What’s the Takeaway of KubeCon EU 2021?
Tigera Adds Full-Stack Observability with Calico Enterprise 3.5
Mirantis’ Kubernetes IDE Lens Catalogs the Full Cloud Native Stack
Kick the Tires on Spinnaker with Armory’s Minnaker
Red Hat Delivers Full GitOps CI/CD Built on Tekton and Argo
This Week in Programming: Should Trust Have a Home in Open Source Security?
Red Hat Offers a ‘Complete Kubernetes Stack’ with OpenShift Platform Plus
Red Hat Puts Linux in the Driving Seat for Automobiles
This Week in Programming: Microsoft Gets Rusty
Rustls Looks to Provide a Memory-Safe Replacement for OpenSSL
NeuVector Expands Container Vulnerability Scanning to Developers
This Week in Programming: AWS Completes Elasticsearch Fork with OpenSearch
CNCF Adopts Ambassador’s API Gateway, Emissary Ingress
This Week in Programming: Microsoft Jumps Back into Java with OpenJDK Build Preview
AsyncAPI Looks to Unify API Workflow under Linux Foundation